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Heller Mediation is becoming favored as one of the most effective modalities for resolving disputes. The primary function of the courts may be litigation. But having decisions made by a judge in a courtroom may not be the most effective way to resolve issues about your finances or your children. At MEDIATION INSTEAD , LLC & HELLER LAW OFFICE, PLC, in Phoenix, I focus on using mediation to help my clients reach positive results without the emotional and financial cost of contentious litigation. I have nearly 20 years of experience as a litigation and mediation attorney, with a primary emphasis in family law for the past decade. I can assist you with all of your family law matters , including divorce, child custody arrangements and paternity disputes.

Benefits of Mediation

Family mediation offers couples an opportunity to settle their divorce or other family law issues in a dignified, respectful manner. The parties can have more control over cost and timing. The process is less destructive on the family. You have a better chance of avoiding continuing litigation when you mediate a settlement, as agreements reached through mutual consent generally have less chance of being disputed in the future.

Mediation also:

  • Maintains your privacy
  • Protects the sensitive needs of children
  • Allows families to create solutions that are tailored to their needs
  • Takes less time to complete than litigation
  • Is private and confidential
  • Provides a constructive atmosphere for families to reach collaborative solutions

If you are willing to have open and honest dialogue with the other party, regardless of your differences, you could be a good candidate for mediation. Good mediators are trained to be cognizant of the specific needs of the individuals, and to be careful that both parties feel they have power and a voice in the resolution.

Focused on What is Best for Your Children

For people with children, mediation can preserve and optimize the family relationship. What happens between the parents can affect the children for the rest of their lives. The parties will co-parent long after their case is over. I understand that my clients want to give their children the benefit of a stable, peaceful home situation, which can be achieved by a custody agreement that the parties agreed upon, rather than one that was set in place by a judge.

Mediation Services

I am an attorney and a mediator . This allows me to provide a variety of legal services to my clients. As your family lawyer , I will protect your interests in mediation through:

  • Coaching and consultation to prepare you for mediation
  • Reviewing mediated agreements
  • Conducting legal research on your behalf

However, I am also a qualified family law mediation attorney serving the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. In this capacity, I facilitate discussion and agreement between both parties. Regardless of whether I act as your lawyer or a mediator, I will assist you with the preparation of court documents and legal agreements.

Experience has taught me the value of mediation. I encourage my clients to take advantage of this opportunity to control their own future and reach cost-effective solutions. If you are considering speaking with a family law mediation attorney in Phoenix, Arizona, call 602-748-4821 or contact me online to schedule a consultation. Both parties to the dispute should attend this consultation.


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