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Child Support


Child Support It is a basic tenant that every parent has a duty to support their minor children, whether or not the parties were ever married. The law states that the obligation to pay child support is primary over all other obligations. The rules and regulations governing child support are unique and complex. It is important to consult with an experienced family lawyer who is knowledgeable about the Arizona child support statutes and guidelines to determine your rights. We have experience working with parents involved in child support disputes, including local, national, international and Title IV-D [Department of Economic Security] child support matters.

Child support amounts are determined according to State statute and guidelines.. The calculation varies based upon pre-determined factors such as the income of the parties, the age of the children, costs associated with child care, health insurance and other special costs, and the amount of time the child spends with each parent. Even in a situation where a child is spending relatively equal time with both parents, child support still may be ordered if there is a discrepancy in income between the two parents.

In some cases, state agencies are involved in the establishment, collection or enforcement of a child support order. Child support may be enforced by civil and criminal remedies. An experienced family law attorney may represent either party in conjunction with procedures involving the State, given the important ramifications of the child support issue.

It is important to understand your legal rights about child support. Contact the Heller Law Office and let us help you.


Financial and life circumstances change in ways that may render a current child support order inappropriate or unjust. If that occurs, the court provides a mechanism for modifying a current child support order. You may be granted a modification of child support if there has been a substantial and continuing change of circumstances such as change or loss in income of a parent or an increase or decrease in parenting time.

If you need a modification in child support, you should request one as soon as possible, as the court does not have authority to enter a retroactive modification. Particularly in cases where there has been a job loss or reduction in income, it is important to notify the court as soon as possible.

The court provides for a simplified procedure for the modification of child support, which can often be handled with minimal legal intervention, and may be a logical starting point depending upon the reason for the change.